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YouTube has a range of uses and benefits for business that can complement those offered by other communication channels.

Demonstrating products

YouTube lets businesses show their products in action. This is particularly useful for companies with limited physical distribution channels, including those who mostly sell over the internet.

Creating a community

Businesses that have a following or are part of a community can use YouTube as a tool to share and engage with customers.

Promoting expertise

Some business people use YouTube to build their reputation as an expert in a field. This might include uploading video tutorials or short video tips, as well as linking to other experts’ videos that relate to their area of interest.

Saving bandwidth

YouTube lets you embed video content in your website without increasing your site’s bandwidth.

Showing your brand’s ‘personality’

YouTube is a chance to add colour and movement to your business image. For example, a coffee supplier can not only post footage of coffee tasting events and video tutorials, they can also share video footage from the point of origin of the beans and interviews with the people who choose the varieties they use.

Leveraging events or promotions

YouTube gives you the ability to revisit successful events by showing video footage of them to people who weren’t there or who want to recall what happened.

Solving customers’ problems

Some businesses use YouTube to provide solutions for their customers. For example, they post videos demonstrating how to install their product, or ‘screen capture’ tutorials showing how to use their software.

A video can be a great way to address a frequently asked question or help troubleshoot common problems with your product.