Google Panda Update Rolling Out

Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google UK, Pierre Far, announced on Google+ last night that a new Panda update is rolling out. The update began rolling out earlier this week, andit is expected that they will have everything done next week.

thanks to user and webmaster feedback , Google has been able to discover additional signals to help Panda more accurately identify low quality content.. As a result, a greater diversity of high-quality small- and medium-sized sites are said to be ranking higher, which is good news, especially for the ones who chose to focus on creating and promoting quality content. (more…)

SEO 101

SEO can sometimes feel like it stands for “Something Extremely Obscure,” especially for busy marketers who just don’t have the time to sit down and figure it all out. The rules are always changing and staying on top of it all is just a nightmare for any busy marketer.

Luckily there is an old method that still and most probably always will help: optimizing your website with relevant and targeted keywords. By having a well-optimized site, you will notice improved visits, better quality visitors and greater conversions which will in most cases result in more sales, which is what it is all about for businesses of all sizes.


McDonald’s Epidemic – Internet Marketing

What does Mcdonald’s have to do with internet marketing and the way people use the internet?

The answer in short: Giving people what they want, fast.

Just about every country has a Mcdonald’s chain and in all of them you can expect to see the same products delivered quickly. There is a lot to learn here for business owners with websites and without. Consumers want to see what you have to offer quickly, without having to click here and click there and if they find what they are looking for, they want to buy it now. (more…)

Trendy or Zombie – which one are you?

The digital world has undergone some pretty massive but good changes over the past year.

2014 will deliver much more exciting developments, and as always, you have to keep up to date to get your share of online interest.

Good old fashioned (SEO): Thank goodness content will properly trump annoying tech cheating and dice loading. Google’s arguably overdue change to its search algorithm, or how it ranks sites, was the game-changer of 2011. Google’s older algorithm gave less weight to how frequently a company was being discussed on social platforms like Twitter and more to relevance. (more…)