Keyword optimization

If you are able to increase search engine ranking by keyword optimization, you will save the time, which the back link building would take and this method will bring you a lot of back links.

We can divide keyword optimization into two parts:
1.The technical part.
2.The qualitative part

1.The technical part.
When you write a SEO article, for example, first you will select a theme and the keywords, which are tightly related to that theme. Then you will proceed and examine the top five web sites per your keywords and see, if the SEO is done properly. Are the major keywords in the title, description, keyword list, h1,h2,h3 tags and in alt tags.

If the SEO is not well done and if the top site has no back links or minimal number your web site has the possibility to take that position.
The keyword optimization requires, that your keyword density is around 2 %, 2% of the words are keywords, and you will use your keyword in all those tags mentioned above. Write your keywords at least once in the bold, italic and underlined font and remember to put them also into the Author Box of your SEO article.

2.The qualitative part.

The SEO article works only, if the reader will get useful information written in an enthusiastic way. You have to think your SEO article content with the eyes of the reader. The job of your SEO article is to draw the reader into the landing page of your biz-opportunity, to make him want more about the topic. And to increase search engine ranking to reach those visitors.

When you will plan the keyword optimization of your SEO article, select keywords, two for example, which will follow each other, like increase search engine ranking with keyword optimization. Now the relationship is natural, which makes it easier to use them.

You can multiply the keyword optimization effect by selecting key phrases, which include several key phrases or words, like: your own internet business ideas and opportunities. Just research quickly how many keywords that includes! All of those are bites for the search engines.

It is good if your keywords are as narrow as possible. Then the reader of the SEO article will get exactly, what he is looking for and the number of disappointed visitors will be minimal.

I have reached good results with this keyword optimization techniques even with very competed keywords